Leadership Training for Teens born in 2006 & 2007

Welcome to Kids of Canada

As a Camp Director, the greatest joy is working with young people, and helping to mold and shape the kind of people whom they eventually become, while providing an unparalleled and personalized summer camp experience!

Over the past several years, we have had the privilege of meeting and working with some tremendously talented Sr. Campers whom we feel would make great future staff. In addition, the kids formed some incredible bonds and have stayed in touch. For this reason, we would like to continue to offer our specialized CIT Leadership Program for teens 14 & 15 years of age, born in 2006 & 2007.

About Our Camp Staff

In any camp program, it is truly the staff who make the experience memorable. Having the “right” camp staff is imperative to a successful summer. To be a camp counselor you need to be a very unique and special kind of person. This is not your ordinary city job! It’s a way of life; in a setting where staff work closely with similar people who all have one thing in common – everyone is there for the love of camp! The end product is Camper Approved Fun!

Whether you’re staff or a camper, camp is a place to be yourself and offer your unique talents for the benefit of others. Our extensive hiring process ensures that our campers are cared for by the best of the best! Most of our staff are “home grown” having been with Kids of Canada as campers and then moving up through the ranks to become staff. They know what it takes to provide our campers with the same amazing experience they had as campers.

All of our staff have previous experience working with children and are put through a very rigorous ‘Staff Training’. This ensures that they are capable of dealing with many of the situations that may arise while dealing with kids.

Our Kids Of Canada staff come from all walks of life. Everyone is Police screened and certified in First Aid and CPR. Most of our university and college students are studying to become full time teachers, social workers, child and youth workers and recreational leaders or in other fields working directly with children. We retain over 85% of our staff each year! What does all this mean? It means that we know how to pick’em!

Our experienced camp staff is made up of fun, outgoing and friendly faces from our summer day & overnight camp teams and a few alumni. With a high level of energy and programming versatility, our campers are sure to have the time of their lives, at their own pace!

CIT Program 2021 – Leadership Training for Teens born in 2006 & 2007

Our Counsellor In Training Program is designed for responsible teenagers who are 14, 15 & 16 years of age.

If you LOVE the summer camp atmosphere, enjoy working with kids, like the outdoors and having a good time, then come and join our family in the KIDS OF CANADA CIT Program.

Your C.I.T Registration Includes “The Entire CIT Experience”! This comprehensive program is designed with 5 primary focuses:


CITs will have the opportunity to learn how to program, create new games, run activity periods, create new drills and run their own activity programs.

Working with kids demands creativity, versatility and thinking outside the box to become paramount skills in order to achieve ultimate success.


CITs will learn about: Camp policies and procedures, camper safety, Leadership, how to become a leader and what does it take to be a leader.

Other important topics include: how to work with children, how to be a positive role-model, programming sports & activities, and how to be positive, encouraging and friendly while leading our campers.


While following our CIT-developed Code Of Ethics, each CIT will have the opportunity to be on a “Placement” within a group or activity throughout the program schedule.

CITs will have the opportunity to interact and display responsibility with our campers 5-12 years of age. We always do our best to accommodate placement requests, however, CITs will be placed at the discretion of the camp.

We take CIT Placement very seriously at camp and this privilege is only given to CITs who display maturity, responsibility and respect for the camp environment.

Successful CITs are those who are up for the challenge of learning, becoming a leader, having fun, working with children, making a difference and a contribution, and most of all, truly want to be at camp!


In addition to being social with an amazing group of teens, our CIT’s will also participate in a few special programs specifically designed for them.

Our CIT program ensures a ton of play, learning and practical experience. Teens are also sure to make friends, network, and cement relationships.

This is the recipe for happy teenagers in our CIT Program.


We have the highest of expectations for our CIT’s, whose placements and evaluations are strictly performance & improvement based.

Each CIT will receive on-going verbal performance & progress evaluations throughout their participation in the program.

July Program Schedule – 4 Weeks
Monday July 5 – Friday July 30, 2021

August Program Schedule To Be Confirmed Soon!

* Full participation in every facet of the CIT program is required.

* Daily parent drop off & pick up at 1 central location (to be confirmed soon)

* AM drop off – 9:00am

* PM pick up – 3:00pm

* All CIT’s need to have a baseball glove, snacks, lunch, drinks, water and 2 set of weather appropriate clothing daily.

* At this time, all staff and CIT’s are required to wear a mask/face covering while together.



Week 2 – PLACEMENT + all 4 other primary focuses

Week 3 – PLACEMENT + all 4 other primary focuses

Week 4 – Teen Extreme Overnight Trip – (this could end up as regular programming, based on provincial procedures)


Teen Extreme Overnight Trip

Teens will have the opportunity to head north to Algonquin Provincial Park for a 5 day, 4 night canoe trip experience including canoeing, portaging, tent camping, swimming nature, camp fires & a ton of fun!


(to be confirmed soon)


Please click on link below to register:

CIT Program Registration

Please note:

* When choosing the weekly program for July Or August, just click “Kids Of Canada CIT Leadership Training”

* Please ensure you upload a recent photo and provide full healthcard number with version code when prompted.

If you are interested in a CIT & Leadership Program for your teenager, that will also include a ton of fun and some new friendships, please email us asap to let us know!

This unique and specialized program will have a very small capacity and will be offered to teens in the order that requests are received.

Please email us at